IMP bulk material injection process

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Heartfelt voice from customer.

Here are some examples of introducing our products.

Company A(Material supplier)

In recent years, high thermal conductivity material (high thermal conductivity materials) has been continuously developed .the proposal to the customer must include cutting materials. IT chanced to know PLAMO through other departments in the company. We entrust PLAMO to produce cutting blank for us. Even the material at the experimental development phase could meet requirements. Thanks to the help of PLAMO company, the proposal to the customer can run smoothly.

Company B(Cutting process manufacturer )

Although every month we received 5 varieties, of each 100 pies from the customer, we are not able to make a long term production plan, so we always rack our brain to think of the producing method. When we intend to produce special material mold to correspond ,we know of PLAMO company and order the IMP block bulk material. Customer does not bear the cost of the moulding. Production of the parts cost material a lot. However we successfully meet requirements to correspond as a result, under the situation that we don’t know when the production finish at the beginning.

Company C (Parts manufacturer )

We provide various proposal to customer of different product shape and blank, in order to sell by advantage of differentiation. Although this proposal was about Resin which contains PTFE(fluoride), it cost a lot at the stage of mold making. We were looking for manufacturer of injection molding grade cutting blank, then we heard of PLAMO and order IMP bulk material . The lead time is short but we finally succeeded to correspond . Thank a lot to PLAMO.

Company D(Manufacturer developing manager)

Person in charge of development use several kinds of special material to test. Under such situation, usually we will make developing mold. However, after our material supplier introduced PLAMO to us, case of cutting bulk materials increased. Although it varies due to production quantity and shapes, it’s effective as a way to lower the cost.

Company E(Material supplier)

Cutting blank is produced by extrusion molding. During production, not only cost a lot of materials, but will cause damage of product at cutting process if mix glass fiber, which lead to density insufficiency of core layer. To solve the problem, we could only shorten fiber length or add additives. But this will lead to change of original nature of the blank material. PLAMO’s extrusion compress bulk materials pull us out of the dilemma and solve all our problem.

Company F(Cutting process manufacturer )

We devote ourselves to satisfy customer’s detailed demands. We have been ordering IMP bulk material since some time ago. Due to short lead time, it’s important to manage different process condition of different materials. Thus, we ask PLAMO to develop 5kg samples in advance and specify process conditions, so that we could cope with urgent orders from customers.

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